Sunday, June 15, 2008

Installing BIRT Using Update Manger

If you already have the Eclipse SDK installed, you can easily add BIRT to your existing installation using Update Manager.

Installing BIRT using Update Manager Instructions

Step 1: Start Eclipse and navigate to Help > Software Updates > Find and Install.

Step 2: Select Search for New Features to install.

Step 3: Choose the Callisto Discovery Site.

Step 4: After Update Manager checks for available features, check the option to select Charting and Reporting.

Step 5: Press the Select Required button to find the additional components that BIRT uses.

Step 6: Press Next and on the following page, accept the license terms.

Step 7: Press Finish and Update Manager will download the required components.

Step 8: On the Feature Verification page, select Install All (BIRT components are currently not signed, so you can ignore this warning).

Step 9: Restart Eclipse.

Step 10: You can now start designing BIRT reports by selecting the Report Design perspective.

Choose Window > Open Prespective > Other... and then Report Design.

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