Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Building web applications with java

Building non-trivial web applications with Java is no trivial task.From a high-level, developers are faced with decisions about how they are going to construct user interfaces, where the business logic will reside, and how to persist application data.ach of these three layers has their own questions to be answered. What technologies should be implemented across each layer?How can the application be designed so that it is loosely coupled and flexible to change? Does the architecture allow layers to be replaced without affecting other layers? How will the application handle container level services such as transactions?
Fortunately, there have been developers that have run into these reoccurring problems and built frameworks to address these issues. A good framework relieves developers from attempting to reinvent the wheel for complex problems; it is extensible for internal customization; and it has a strong user community to support it.

For the presentation layer we will use Struts; for our business layer we will use Spring; and for our persistence layer we will use Hibernate.

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