Friday, October 17, 2008

how to create professional website with typo3 in 1 day

Phase 1:-

->After installing typo3 in ubuntu,go to extension manager and go to import extensions and upload extension file templavoila_1.3.7.t3x.
->Create folder templates in fileadmin folder and paste your template in this folder.
->Click templavoila and start wizard now!
->Choose template file index.html.
->Write the name of the site and username for the site.
->Start the mapping process.
->Go to mapping and map content area,main menu and sub menu if any.
->Click on save and return.
->Click on select html header parts.
->Click header parts and click on save and return.
->Click on write main menu typoscript code and sub menu typoscript code and click on finish wizard!

Phase 2:-

->Click on user settings and click the edit and advanced functions tab and click the recursive delete and save the configuration.
->Click on page and delete all main menus of default.
->Click on templavoila and click the /site/storage folder/.
->Click on update mapping.
->Click on information and click on modify DS/TO/
->Add new fields.
->Write the name of the new field,the parameters are mapping type=element and title=field title and editing type=content element and click on add.
->Map the new field and set it.
->Click on save as.
->Update existing data structure and template object.
->Same for other fields.

Phase 3:-

->For multilanguage site click on page and click the main page file copy the file and paste after.
->Unhide the file.

If the rich text editor takes time to load then import extension htmlRteopenoffice skin and then install it then uninstall it.

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